Will Arsenal finish in the Top 6 of the English Premier League this season...and possibly earn a spot in the UEFA Europa League??

Will Arsenal finish in the Top 6 of the English Premier League this season...and possibly earn a spot in the UEFA Europa League??

Kelly Reed July 19, 2020  Comments

Currently, Arsenal sits at 53 points and 10th in the English Premier League (EPL).  They are one point behind Burnley and Sheffield United and four points above Southampton.  My question all week in my head was will my favorite team - Arsenal - crack the Top 6?  If you consider their last two games, Arsenal has a great chance to do this...and now, may also earn a spot in the UEFA Europa League by winning the FA Cup!  The FA Cup, known officially as The Football Association Challenge Cup, is an annual knockout football competition in men's domestic English football.

The game vs. Liverpool kept Arsenal in the race for the Top 6. Arsenal are currently in 10th place behind Burnley and Sheffield United by one point and are behind Tottenham (Spurs) by 5 points. For Arsenal, this means having to win a game while both Burnley and Sheffield lose. This sounds easy but it’s hard to predict when we look at the schedule to see who those teams play. Arsenal play Aston Villa on Tuesday at 3:15p and Watford on Sunday at 11am for the last game of the season. These games for Arsenal should be on the easier side considering Aston Villa is in 18th place in the EPL and Watford is in 17th place.

Arsenal is inconsistent and can play down to teams, so I can sense that on Tuesday vs. Aston Villa might be one of those games. Aston Villa has been playing very well. On July 12 Villa beat Crystal Palace 2-0 and their next game tied Everton 1-1. Arsenal has been up and down since the restart with the last two games losing to Tottenham 2-1 and then winning 2-1 vs Liverpool. My prediction for the Arsenal vs. Aston Villa's game is 3-1 win for Arsenal.

Watford have been struggling this season and got off to a rough start. The last couple games that they have played have been tough. They lost to West Ham and they had a close game against Newcastle which ended in a 2-1 win. With both teams being so inconsistent during the season it's hard to give a final prediction; however, we need to look at the teams they’ve played against since the restart. Arsenal and Watford have played teams such as Southampton, Leicester, Norwich. Watford lost to Southampton and Arsenal beat them. Watford and Arsenal  tied Leicester 1-1. Watford and Arsenal both played Norwich but Watford only beat them by a 2-1 final score while Arsenal beat them 4-0. Now to give my prediction on the final score, I would say that Arsenal beats Watford 3-1.

I believe Arsenal will win their last two games with somewhat ease which will give them an additional six points, putting them at 59 points.  This could propel them to 6th place if Tottenham, Sheffield and the Wolves all lose out. There is still hope for Arsenal to earn a UEFA Europa League slot with a win versus Chelsea in the FA Cup final.

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