Why the Marlins Coronavirus Outbreak Puts Pressure on The MLB

Why the Marlins Coronavirus Outbreak Puts Pressure on The MLB

Andrew Sproule July 31, 2020  Comments

With the Miami Marlins having a large number of players and staff testing positive for the coronavirus, it has raised a lot of questions. Along with that, it has put a lot of pressure on Rob Manfred and the MLB to make decisions about the Marlins season, with regard to the health and safety of the players. In this article I will go over two things with the Marlins outbreak that puts pressure onto the MLB: the series they played, and the timing of the outbreak.

The Series:

The Marlins, even with cases inside their organization increasing, decided to play their first games of the season against the Phillies anyway. Going into the series some players and staff didn't make the trip including catcher Jorge Alfaro who had come down with the virus. So going into their series against the Phillies, they had some notable players on their team out. Though many teams had some players missing due to the virus, the Marlin’s numbers increased as the series progressed and is continuing to rise, turning a team with a few players sick into a full blown outbreak of the coronavirus. This puts pressure on Rob Manfred and the MLB because now the Marlins are in danger of not finishing the season with the games against the Orioles and Nationals being postponed for the time being. This also had an effect on the Phillies with their Yankees series being postponed as well for being in contact with the Marlins.

The Timing:

The timing of this outbreak puts significant pressure onto Rob Manfre. As well being the first league back from the Coronavirus and having an outbreak inside one of the teams within the first week of the regular season, hurts the league a lot. With a two-month season, having on outbreak in the first week is a bad sign for the league. It allowed a lot of people to see how quickly a team could get infected with the virus and signals towards future outbreaks on other teams. This could lead to a league-wide issue of teams playing different numbers of games in the regular season. This raises the question of depth of reserves for when this happens? That’s the reason for the expanded rosters-to allow teams to play through an outbreak by bringing these players forward until the starters are ready to play again. Along with the Marlins outbreak putting the MLB in a tough situation where it seems like they haven’t figured everything out yet, the Marlins are now in a situation where instead of bringing players up to play for them, they might have to wait two more weeks to play another game. This would kill the chances of them making up the missed games and completing the full season as well as affect the teams in the AL and NL east as well.


With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in the Marlins organization, Rob Manfred and the MLB have been put up against a wall. They are struggling to figure things out with the backup lineups and the schedule for the rest of the season. This is putting more and more pressure as time goes on for them to say what they're going to do with the Marlins outbreak and to announce if the Marlins will be able to complete their full season.

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