What's next for NFL QB Josh Rosen?

What's next for NFL QB Josh Rosen?

Kelly Reed April 30, 2020  Comments

Josh Rosen was premier passer at UCLA, the tenth pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, held in Dallas, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys, and Rosen was well and away the future of the Arizona Cardinals, until he wasn't. Now, with the Miami Dolphins, what is next for the young, but very inexperienced QB.

UCLA Football has produced many stars. Just this year, we will see Devin Asiasi, Darnay Holmes, and Joshua Kelley in the NFL. In the past, Myles Jack, Jonathan Ogden, and Anthony Barr have played for the Bruins. But, with all that talent at the university, Rosen broke many records, including the highest passing yards per game at UCLA. Things were looking up for him heading to the draft.

In the NFL Draft, 255 college players make their way to the NFL. Rosen was on track to be within the top 5, but it didn't turn out that way. First off was Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield to the Browns, then the cross-town rival of UCLA, USC's Sam Darnold went to the big apple. Finally, with the tenth overall pick, the Cardinals selected Josh Rosen. After his selection, Rosen said, "There were 9 mistakes (selections) made before me."While that statement could've been proven right, it went wildly wrong.

In Rosen's first season as an NFL Quaterback, his Cardinals went 3-13, placing dead last in the NFC West. And what do you know, it's draft season again, and the Cardinals were so bad that they had the first overall selection. They could not pass up on a generational talent from Oklahoma in flashy, young Kyler Murray. Later that weekend, Rosen was traded to the Miami Dolphins.

It's not something we see not very often, teams drafting QB's after just a small sample size, but in the case of the Cardinals, they would've looked foolish if they hadn't drafted him. So, off and away to South Beach you go!

This season, Rosen started 6 games with the Dolphins, and didn't have a good year. Miami needed another QB, so they took Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama. So, obviously Rosen is replaced yet again.

Who knows what Rosen will do next. Give up? Go into broadcasting? Try again with another team, or stay in Miami? It's an interesting topic, and as always, we will just sit back and watch it happen.

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