What the Raptors defeating the Lakers means for Both teams

What the Raptors defeating the Lakers means for Both teams

Mitchell Bernstein August 05, 2020  Comments
Lakers Struggled against the Raptors

On August 1st in the Orlando bubble the Raptors took on the Lakers. The match went back and forth and came down to the wire. If you guys want to get a more in- depth analysis and commentary of the game go check out this stream down below.

Mitchell Bernstein live streams the Raptors vs Lakers.

In this match up against the Lakers the Raptors were able to manage a surprising 15-point victory by combining Kyle Lowry's 33-point performance with spectacular defense. This win made a lot of people wonder if the eastern conference had a straightforward winner or if there would be a variety of candidates. Right now, the Raptors sit 2nd in the east with a record of 47-18 just 6 games back of the Milwaukee Bucks. With a loss to the Rockets the Bucks gave the Raptors more hope to get that first seed and have a easier path to the finals. This is the closest that the Raptors have been to getting the first seed since the beginning of the season. Also, the Raptors have had a better record this season than last season without their superstar Kawhi Leonard. This shows how much the Raptors have improved as a team with a better bench and growth from their young group of players. The debate between the Raptors or the Bucks coming out of the eastern conference finals has been heating up. To break down this argument you have to think of two category's which are if it is better to have a superstar or if you should have more bench depth and a overall more constructed roster. The Bucks and the Raptors are polar opposites  which means they fall into these very different categories of depth vs star power. I think that in the end that this game proves that the Toronto Raptors will come out as the eastern conference champions and prove that depth beats out star power.

To continue this game proves that the Lakers can be beat. The Lakers right now sit number one in the western conference standings ahead of the Clippers by 6.5 games. By the Lakers losing this game it reminds people how open ended the race to the NBA championship is with teams like the Bucks, Raptors and Clippers having all-star caliber players and solid rosters that can compete with the Lakers. Also, if you watch this game you will notice how much the Lakers rely on their super star players. This is bad for the Lakers because it makes them more vulnerable to surprising upsets like this. If teams are able to shut down Lebron James and Anthony Davis teams will have an easy path to victory because other than those two players, the Lakers don't have any consistent offensive options. The Lakers definitely have a great duo in Lebron James and Anthony Davis but still need to find a way to get another reliable offensive and defensive option to lean on if teams continue to shut down the Lakers main weapons .

The Lakers and Raptors were definitely able to cause speculations and answer some questions with how they performed in this game. As this article was being written, the Milwaukee Bucks, the star heavy team lead the eastern conference, lost to the second worse team in the bubble the Brooklyn Nets. This Nets win helps prove that the star heavy team model does not always work. Now if you guys want to see some more sports updates and content go check out my channel on SportsCastr MitchySports and my other articles here on Tecmo Hole Thank you guys for reading have an awesome day.

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