Week 4 NFL Prediction Recap

Week 4 NFL Prediction Recap

Yosef Masinter October 06, 2020  Comments

There were a lot of scheduling changes for week four of the NFL. A lot of the scheduling changes are going to be applicable down the road, as fifteen of the scheduled sixteen games were played.

Predicted Correctly

Ravens vs. Washington Football Team

Broncos vs. Jets

Saints vs. Lions

Buccaneers vs. Chargers

Seahawks vs. Dolphins

Rams vs. Giants

Bills vs. Raiders

Colts vs. Bears

Chiefs vs. Patriots

Packers vs. Falcons

Predicted Incorrectly

Eagles vs. 49ers

The Eagles took advantage of the banged up 49ers, as they pulled the upset notching their first win of the 2020 season.

Browns vs. Cowboys

The Browns put up 31 points in the first half on route to a shocking victory.

Cardinals vs. Panthers

The Panthers held Kyler Murray in check, as Teddy Bridgewater led the Panthers to victory.

Bengals vs. Jaguars

Joe Mixon ran the Bengals to victory totaling over 200 yards and three touchdowns.

Vikings vs. Texans

DeShaun Watson came up short on the goal line in the waning moments of the game, bringing the Texans to 0-4.

Week 4 Score: 10-5

Season Score: 45-18

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