Top Ten Teams going into 2020

Top Ten Teams going into 2020

Nathan Chartier August 02, 2020  Comments

1.Kansas City Chiefs

The chiefs are no doubt the number one team on this list. They won the super bowl and proved to the world that they have potential to be the next dynasty. They just sign Patrick Mahomes a well deserved extension. Making him they highest paid athlete in all of north america. That means that there will be even more pressure on the chiefs this year. Even though we know they can get back to the big game it could be a little tough. Will see how this high powered offense will fair this season against the toughest teams.

2. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have one of the most talented rosters in football. They have the best running game that just got bigger with the signing of rookie J.K Dobbins. Their passing game isn't the best however if Hollywood brown has a great season and maybe they sign AB, the passing game will be okay. The Ravens also have a great Defense so lots of teams should be worried about Baltimore this year as they can make a deep run in this years postseason.

3. Saints

Some may say that the saints aren't a top five team. To that I say no. The Saints are the third best team going into the 2020 season for many reasons. One, they have the best receiver in the game from last year in Michael Thomas. Two they have a great defense. Lastly they have determination. Saints fans have been heartbroken three years straight as the saints have been robbed and knocked out of the playoffs. However this year is different. The Saints are ready to bring home a trophy to New Orleans as Brees will lead the way once more for this Saints Offense.

4. Seahawks

The Seahawks will be very dangerous this year. With great offensive talents in Tyler Locket, and second year player D.K Metcalf. Russell Wilson will surely have to great weapons and possibly even Antonio Brown to throw to. Rusell Wilson has never won an MVP award, but should have a great chance to win  MVP this year as the Seahawks look like their the team to beat in the NFC west. The Seahawks made a few moves this off season as they signed running back Carlos Hyde to a 1 year deal. However the biggest move came as the Seahawks traded two first rounders a and a third round pick for Safety Jamal Adams and a fourth round pick. This move came surprisingly to many as teams don't always go all in for a safety. However this is no ordinary safety. You have the best safety in the league so this was a huge move and it is sure to be telling as we start up this NFL year.

5. 49ers

The 49ers are fresh off an NFC championship victory and a Superbowl appearance. The 49ers really had a great year with Jimmy Garoppolo under center throwing passes to big tight end George Kittle. The niners could be even better this year as the defense looks to repeat there success. The niners had the second best defense last year with defensive rookie of the year nick bosa and former Seahawk cornerback Richard Sherman leading the way. The niners rebuild worked as the 49ers won 9 more games then the year before. If deebo samuel and Kittle can have an even better year in 2020. Then the 49ers could end up in Tampa bay in early February.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay is loaded. The Bucs signed the biggest free agent as they got the great Tom Brady. They Bucs also traded for Gronk as well. So lets just take a look at this. You have the greatest qb of all time throwing to one of the greatest tight ends over the last 6 years, Two top ten ten wrs in godwin and Mike Evens, And another great tight end OJ Howard. Yes the bucs are loaded. Oh ya they also have this great coach Bruce Arians. So what are we doing here. This looks very unfair. This team looks amazing on paper. However we don't know how father time will play in for Brady. We also don't know how the tight ends will fit into Bruce Arians  offense. So best case scenario they win the Superbowl and blow everyone out of the water. Its very unlikely though. so I think its safe to say they could grab anywhere from the second two fourth seed in the NFC.

7.  Vikings

Heres where the drop off occurs. Now we go From The Super Teams to the great teams. The Vikings however are very worthy of this spot. The Vikings are one of the biggest sleeper teams this year. As everyone is focused on the saints and bucs and other amazing teams. However I don't know why people overlook the vikings. The Vikings came and beat the vikings, IN THE SUPER DOME. If thats not a sign of uprising Superbowl contention i don't know what is. The vikings proved that they can play withe the big boys. The vikings are also playing in a division that they can own. If they do so then things can get very interesting come postseason time.

8.  Cowboys

The cowboys have an interesting problem. They have lots of talent. There's no doubt about it.  They're problem is the eagles. If The Cowboys can beat the eagles in a race for the division crown then they might be a problem for other teams. When you look at Dallas some people don't realize that they can win all their divisional match ups. Yup they can even beat the birds. Then they can win anywhere from 10 to 12 games in total. With Dak under center playing on the tag, and Amari cooper Michael Gallup and Ceedee lamb catching passes. The sky's the limit for this cowboys team.

9. Patriots

The Pats had a the biggest off season out of any team. They lost Their 20 year future HOFer Tom Brady. Leaving the QB job to Jarrett Stidham. So we thought until the pats signed 2015 MVP Cam Newton to an incentive laden deal. Now the pats seemed to be set until the opt outs. The pats have 8 opt outs as of August 2nd. This includes Dont'a Hightower, Patrick Chung, Matt LaCosse and many more. This is going to hurt the pats this year, However it shouldn't hurt them tremendously. The pats still have a great defense even without Hightower Chung, and Van Noy. What we know about Belichick is his going to make it work no matter what.  With Cam staying healthy and Refurbishing this offense with Edelman and Sanu having big years, this pats team can shake things up in this years NFL season.

10. Packers

The Packers got all the way to the NFC championship , and that was no small feat. This year will be different. With all these super teams arising the question will be if the packers can stay in the playoff race and win some games. Whether or not Rodgers is starting this year, the packers can still be great. They have loads of potential talent and great veteran talent in Devonte adams and Aaron Jones among many great players. The packers can still be a wildcard spot or maybe even a division winner. I think that will all rely on the packers qb situation. Well have so see if Jordan love is the way to go or if they should stick with veteran Rodgers. There's no doubt either way that the packers are great and they should round out this top ten.

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