Top 5 Under 21 players in the premier league right now.

Top 5 Under 21 players in the premier league right now.

Kelly Reed July 12, 2020  Comments

1. The top under 21 player in the English Premier League (EPL) is Trent Alexander -Arnold. Arnold plays for Liverpool Football Club. Liverpool currently holds the EPL title with 93 points. He plays right back for both Liverpool and the England National Team.  He can also play for the United States National Team but chose to represent England, his childhood country. Trent is 21 years, 9 months old. He made his EPL debut December 14, 2016 - at the age of 18 - and since then he has been in the mix of subs and the starting XI. A year ago he really made an impact and became the starting right back for Liverpool. That year in 2019 Liverpool became the champions of Europe when they won the UEFA Champions League. Trent also has some crazy stats: for example, he is part of a defense that has earned 12 clean sheets and he personally has 52 tackles.  On the offensive end of the pitch Trent has 3 goals, 14 assists, 40 shots on target, 360 crosses and over 2,000 passes. That's amazing for a 21 year old - which is why he is my Number 1 Under-21 EPL player right now!

2. The second best Under-21 soccer player in English Premier League right now is Christian Pulisic. Christian plays for Chelsea and for the United States National Team. He can also represent Croatia National Team. Pulisic is 21 years, 10 months old. Before coming to the EPL, and since he was 16 years old, he moved from United States and played for Borussia Dortmund in the Germany Bundesliga. His EPL debut for Chelsea was on August 11, 2019. Chelsea is currently in third place with 60 points, but sadly lost 3-0 to Sheffield this weekend. Pulisic mainly plays left-midfield but can play left-wing and center attacking midfield. While playing in Germany, Pulisic won the 2015-16 U-19 Bundesliga. More recently, he was runner- up in the Bundesliga last year with Borussia Dortmund. This season, as Pulisic has become more in the mix for Chelsea's starting lineup we really got to see how hard he works and how good he is. Pulisic currently has 16 goals and 2 assists in 44 appearances . Which is very good for a player who just came into a new league and has been subbed on most of the time. I hope he can exceed here in the EPL for Chelsea and reach his great potential.

3. The third best U-21 talent in the EPL is Mason Greenwood. Greenwood plays for Manchester United and the U-21 England National team. Mason is 18 years, 9 months old. He was part of the Manchester United Academy since 2007 and finally earned a spot on the senior squad in 2018 and played his first game March 10,  2019.  In 2015, when Mason was 13 years old he began his National Team career with England and played up for the U-15 National Team. This season in the EPL he really showed everyone what he can do and what he can become. Before the coronavirus break he was an on-and-off substitute for Manchester United. Once he earned more chances on the field, he proved to everyone that he should start, and a lot of great things happened. Greenwood now has 9 goals and one assist in 36 appearances, which is outstanding for an 18 year old especially considering he had his debut last year, only played a couple games as a starter and has intense competition for a starting spot with Martial, Rashford and Ighalo. I hope he continues to perform and take what is his. Pure talent!

4. The fourth best U-21 star player in the EPL is Phil Foden. Foden plays for Manchester City and has been called up a couple of times for his country England. He plays as a right-wing or a center attacking midfielder. Phil is only 20 years, 1 month old and plays for one of the best teams in the world. Just like Mason Greenwood and Trent Alexander-Arnold he is an Academy prodigy. Foden started his senior team career on December 16, 2017 but has been a sub or a reserve for most of the time. This year Phil really showed us how hard he has been working and all the talent he has. This year he has scored 4 goals, 2 assists and has 12 shots on target in about 30 appearances. These stats might not seem amazing but if you watch him play during games he makes such a major impact and is also along side some of the best attackers. His manager Pep Guardiola has been such a big influence on him and will help him reach his full potential.

5. The 5th best Under-21 super star player is Bukayo Saka. Saka plays for Arsenal  and for the U-19 England National Team.  He plays left back, left midfield or left wing. Bukayo is only 18 years, 10 months old. Saka, just like Trent Alexander-Arnold, Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden, came from his teams' Youth Academy. Saka joined Arsenal's youth team in 2018 and instantly got pushed up to the senior squad that year. Manager Unai Emery took over for Arsene Wenger that year. I guess Emery saw something great in Saka. In the current 2019-2020 season, Saka has really showed us why Unai called him up. Sadly, Emery was sacked in 2019 and since then Arsenal have had a interim manager and then finally decided on the Manchester City assistant manager and former Arsenal player Mikel Arteta. Arteta saw potential in Saka too. Arteta has given Saka a chance and Saka showed everyone he wasn't messing around and that he is the real deal. Saka has some crazy stats. He is third with the most assists this season in all competitions in the EPL  Saka has 12 assists and 2 goals, which is crazy and means he is a team player and is always active. As an Arsenal fan I am so excited to watch him play and can't wait to watch him fulfill his great potential.

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