This was an outstanding Champions League quarter - final   match

This was an outstanding Champions League quarter - final match

Kelly Reed August 16, 2020  Comments

The UEFA Champions League is for the top 32 teams in Europe to play in a group stage knock-out competition to determine the best team. This week the Champions League started back up again in march. The league started with the second leg of the round of 16 being played on August 7th and 8th. The quarter - finals started playing on August 12. Yesterday on August 14, Bayern Munich played against FC Barcelona. This was a very one sided game for Bayern Munich. The final score turned out to be a 8-2 victory for Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich, with some very good older players, have been such a dominant team all year. Robert Lewandowski has been the top goal scorer in the Champions League with 14 goals. Alongside Lewandowski is Serge Gnabry who had 7 goals and is the third place goal scorer. If you tally that up you have 21 goals between two players, which is insane.  However, "offense wins games, defense wins championships." This quote by Bear Bryant, legendary coach of the University of Alabama football team, is a perfect representation of Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich has won games with ease because of their offense and their goal scorers. But now they need their defense to perform to secure the win against the current teams in Europe in the semi finals. Barcelona on the other hand got off to a rough patch and it stayed that way. The offense that consists of Messi, Suarez, Griezmann, Dembele and Ansu Fati only scored 15 goals the whole competition. This is partly a reason why they are losing because they can't put the ball in the net.

Bayern Munich started off fast and dominant. The first goal happened in the 4th minute with Thomas Muller scoring inside the box. On the defensive end of the field in the 7th minute a Bayern Munich player David Alaba scored an own goal by diving in the box and pushed the ball in his goal. Now it's 1-1 and Then the ball begins rolling. Bayern Munich scored again in the 21st minute with a goal from Perisic. Gnabry then scored in the 27th minute. Another goal happened in the 31st minute with Thomas Muller getting his second goal of the night. Then finally Luis Suarez gets Barcelona's first real goal in the 57th minute. Then it's all back to Bayern Munich. They scored in the 63 minute with an outstanding assist from the 19 year old left back Alphonso Davies. In the 82 minute with Lewandowski he scored a nice goal to get his 14 goal of the competition.  With about 6 minutes left Coutinho belted 2 very good goals to end the game 8-2. Bayern Munich moved on to the semi - finals to play Lyon who just beat Manchester City yesterday  3-1. I hope the best for both teams and can’t wait to see a great battle. The game is on Wednesday at 3pm eastern time.

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