"The Match: Champions for Charity Tournament" Preview

"The Match: Champions for Charity Tournament" Preview

Isaac Edelman May 19, 2020  Comments

Sports Fans You Do Not Want To Miss This!

One of the two best golfers in PGA history and one of the two best QB's to ever play in NFL history are colliding. Yes, Tom Brady will be teaming up with Phil Mickelson to play against Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods!

In part to help coronavirus relief efforts, Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods will be facing off against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson in a charity golf match called "The Match: Champions for Charity Tournament". The event is set for Sunday, May 24 at 3 p.m ET and will take place at Tiger Woods' home turf at Medalist Golf Club in Palm Beach, Florida. This event will see $10 million donated to coronavirus reliefs and will be held without any spectators.

The first match took place on November of 2018, where Phil Mickelson took on Tiger Woods on a one-on-one match called "The Match", where the winner took $9 million. Mickelson ended up winning "The Match", but the pair have been discussing a rematch. An event with Brady and Manning came into discussion a few months ago and has recently been configured as a charity match due to the coronavirus. This event plans on being a hit with many viewers even though there are no spectators allowed. Not just golf and NFL fans will be watching Brady and Manning dominate outside of the football field, but non golf and non NFL fans will be. With the coronavirus affecting many sports leagues, fans are desperate for live sports to come on. When live sports come on such as wrestling and Nascar, they have been big hits since fans just want some live sports to watch even if they don't usually watch that sport.

Odds/ Favorites

Heading into this match, Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods are the favorites. This leaves Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson as the underdogs. It is very unusual to see Brady as an underdog. Tiger Woods is arguably better than Phil Mickelson, winning 15 major championships, compared to Mickelson's 5. Tom Brady is arguably the better NFL QB with 6 Super Bowl wins, compared to Manning having 2, but that doesn't matter on the golf course. Many insiders actually believe that Manning is the better golfer than Brady, and that is what it will come down to on May 24.

Format/ Rules

Both pairs will be playing 18 holes. For the front 9 holes, each player will tee off and play until the ball is in the cup, with the teams to use the best individual score for their scorecards. For example, if Woods gets a Birdie and Manning gets a Par, the pair will use Woods' score. On the back 9, each player will tee off with the teams to pick the best drive. From there on, they will alternate until the ball is in the cup. For example, only one teammate in each pair will tee off. If Phil Mickelson tees off, Brady will hit the next shot.

Even though this is a charity event, the trash talk has already started! Watch this stream by Isaac Edelman highlighting an interview from Ernie Johnson with Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning.

Isaac Edelman covers the New York Mets, Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat and Florida Panthers, as well as breaking news stories and opinions on Major League Baseball, the NBA, NFL, and the NHL on his SportsCastr live streaming channel.

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