The Many Questions About Zion Willamson

Isaac Edelman January 29, 2020  Comments

There are many tough questions in the NBA currently. A few of the big questions are about Zion Williamson. Is it too late for him to win Rookie of the Year? Is Zion going to live up his expectations? Is Zion going to be a player that everyone wants on their team?

Zion Williamson hasn't played in a game this season thanks to a frustrating knee injury. Zion Williamson did play in some preseason games in which he did tremendous. There are many questions on whether great college sports players will do good in the big leagues. This applies to all sports. For Zion, the preseason was easy. Zion Williamson averaged 23.3 points per game and was tied for 4th out of all preseason players. Zion also had an outstanding 71.4 field goal percentage. Now, the big question is, "How will Zion perform in the regular season?"

The whole sports world was eager to see how Zion would do in the regular season. Sadly, we couldn't get this answer quickly thanks to Zion's knee injury. Last night, on January 22, 2020, Zion Williamson made his NBA debut. The Pelicans faced off against the Spurs in Smoothie King Center. What was a tough and slow start for Zion, turned into what the fans had expected. Zion Williamson was the #1 followed player in college. All fans, including non-Duke fans, watched eagerly Zion's tremendous play style and crazy dunks. Zion won the 2018-2019 college player of the year. This brought the easy decision to the New Orleans Pelicans to draft Zion Williamson #1 overall. In Zion's well awaited debut, Zion started off slow. He went a whole quarter without scoring his first points which was definitely unexpected, especially because he was a starter. Zion Williamson finally got his first points in the NBA, 2 minutes into the second quarter. Skipping to the 4th quarter, Zion only had scored 5 points. That is when Zion drained a three and a couple more. The crowd went crazy as Zion went 4 for 4 from the three point line. Zion had an erupting 17 points in 3 minutes during the 4th quarter. In summary, what started off slow for Zion, turned out to be what the fans expected.

Going into this season, Zion was the lead runner to win Rookie of the Year. Now that Zion has missed the first 44 games of the season, Zion is now the 2nd front runner behind Ja Morant. After Zion's first game, many people think Zion is still a possibility for Rookie of the Year. What seams like can be unlikely, can actually become a reality. Even though we are in the second half of the season, Zion can become Rookie of the Year. Based on last nights performance, Zion can have a good chance. Once, Zion gets into the roll of things and starts off strong, Zion can become more impressive then Morant. Will Zion live up to his expectations? Will Zion become Rookie of the Year? All of these questions may be too early to decide, but what is true is that Zion can do anything he wants if he tries hard and puts in the effort to become an all star player.

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