Super Bowl LIV

Kelly Reed January 31, 2020  Comments

We all know about the commercials and the halftime show but for us sports fans, the game is all that matters. Good or bad we will sit and watch the game because if you watch the game you can create a new story. There are two stories that are interesting to me.


For most fans this is the most intriguing matchup because of the star talent. Both Mahones and every niners d lineman is a first rounder. Sometimes even the casual fans don't recognize what Mahomes is doing. For Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, and Armstead, they'll have to control how much he moves in the pocket. This will be the toughest challenge Saleh has had all year. There is one more matchip that will be fun to watch.


Jimmy G has not always been a top tier player, but hay he must be doing something right to be in the Super Bowl. For starters, this chiefs defense has not been great but they also haven't needed to be great. To some that could be s problem because it could come down to them at the end of the game. Especially about Jimmy G though, he hasn't been great. If the game is on the line would you want the ball in Mahones or Jimmy G's hands. To everyone that is an easy question, Mahomes. However when it cones down to time managment Jimmy G has been known to be good at that. Does it mean that I trust him? That is a tough question because none of us know that answer until we see it. In the next paragraph i will be giving my prediction.


The reason behind my pick is because when the game is on the line and you need your QB most I will trust Mahones over Jimmy G every week. Also I believe in this defense in KC because time after time again they have proven that they can play an old school type football, and that is something I love. If Suggs, Clark, and Jones can put pressure on Jimmy G than this becomes a better reason to pick the Chiefs. Finally this is a game for Reid who needs this desperatly on his resume to get him into the HOF!

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