Saints Tremendous Offense

Yes! We know the Saints have one of the best QB's to ever play the game of football in Drew Brees. The Saints have the best offense in the game of football. Let me tell you why.

The Saints have one of the best QB's to every play the game in Drew Brees. Brees is a 13 time pro bowler, a Super Bowl champion and MVP in Super Bowl XLIV. Brees is also a 7× NFL passing yards leader, a 4 time NFL passing touchdowns leader 2 time NFL passer rating leader, and a 6 time NFL completion percentage leader. Brees as well is a 2 time Offensive Player of the Year, and won the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award in 2006. Currently, Brees holds records such as ...

  • Most career passing yards
  • Most career pass completions
  • Most career touchdown passes
  • Highest career completion percentage
  • Highest single-season completion percentage
  • Most consecutive games with a touchdown pass
  • Most 5,000 passing yard seasons

Brees will be staying in the NFL on the Saints at least two more years, to break more records and extend his records due to the 2 year 50 million deal he signed this offseason.

The Saints have the #1 wide receiver in the league which is Michael Thomas. He is not one of the best wide receivers, but he is the best. Michael Thomas is a 3 time pro bowler, and a 2 time first team all pro. He won the Super Bowl in 2015. Thomas also led the NFL in receptions in 2018 and 2019, and he led the NFL in receiving yards last year in 2019. This gave Thomas the easy win for NFL offensive player of the year in 2019. Michael Thomas had 149 receptions for 1,725 yards.

The Saints have one of the best running backs in Alvin Kamara. Kamara is a 3 time pro bowler, and won offensive rookie of the year in 2017. Kamara's best year was in 2018. He had 194 rushes for 883 yards and 14 touchdowns. last year Kamara only had 5 touchdowns.

The Saints have the best utility player in the NFL in Taysom Hill. Taysom Hill was a QB in college. In the NFL, he is a different story. Yes, he is a QB in the NFL, but he has much more jobs on the New Orleans Saints. Hill attempts to block punts, he tackles on kick returns, he attempts to block punts, he is a QB, a running back and a tight end. Hill has 1 career blocked punt. He also has a total of 360 kick return yards on 15 attempts. Hill has a total of 6 receiving touchdowns, all coming from 2019 on a total of 234 yards. Hill has a total of 3 rushing touchdowns in his career. A lot of the time, when Hill lines up as a QB, he does a planned QB sneak. Hill has thrown no passing touchdowns in his career, but has thrown for 119 yards on 6 completions. Taysom Hill is now the Saints backup QB. He appears though in every game, due to his ability to do many jobs on the football field.

The Saints signed free agent Emmanuel Sanders to a 2 year, 16 million deal. Sanders makes the Saints, already good offense, even better. Sanders is a 2 time pro bowler. Sanders was a super bowl champion in Super Bowl 50. Sanders came short of a Super Bowl win, last season on the 49ers. Sanders could be the first player in NFL history, to appear in a Super Bowl, with 4 different teams. He can easily do this, on a great Saints team. Sanders had his best year in 2014, where he had a career high of 9 touchdowns, and a career high of 1,404 yards. Sanders is going into his 11th NFL season on a great Saints offense.

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