Breaking Down the replacements for Alvin Gentry

Breaking Down the replacements for Alvin Gentry

Mitchell Bernstein August 12, 2020  Comments

In the NBA bubble the Pelicans have been fighting for a spot in the playoffs. The Pelicans have been struggling and want a playoff spot badly. Due to these struggles in the bubble the Pelicans are looking at options to replace Alvin Gentry as head coach. If the Pelicans do decided to replace him here is my list of top candidates to be the new Pelicans head coach. If you want to see more news about the Pelicans go check out this video below where you will see the breaking  news about the Pelicans situation.

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Mitchell Bernstein live streams about Alvin Gentry soon getting fired from his head coaching job on his SportsCastr channel.

  1. Kenny Atkinson would be the best fit as the Pelicans head coach because of the direction that the Pelicans are moving in. Last off season the Pelicans showed that are in the developing/rebuilding stage because of the big Anthony Davis trade which brought young player like Brandon Ingram to the Pelicans. Right now the Pelicans have a great young core and need a coach to make them flourish together. Atkinson fits this role perfectly because he has shown how he can make players better by showing them the ropes. For example last season Atkinson lead a bottom feeding Nets team to the playoffs while crafting D'Angelo Russell into a all-star point guard. Which was surprising because of Russell's past struggles on the Lakers. Lastly Atkinson would be a easy free agency signing due to the fact he is a newer head coach.
  2. Ryan Saunders: As a young upcoming head coach Ryan Saunders in only two seasons has shown the difference he can make as a head coach. When Saunders was moved up to head coach on the Timberwolves there were a lot of questions on if he could fulfill his coaching status. In the two seasons Saunders was head coach he had a coaching record of 36 wins and 70 losses. This may look bad on paper but the lineup that Saunders had mainly contributed to the losses. When Ryan Saunders was moved to the head coaching role he had the challenge of leading a Timberwolves squad without Jimmy Butler to wins. He was not able to bring wins but brought great development to Andrew Wiggins game before he got traded. The work that Saunders put into Wiggins showed on the floor as he had one of his best scoring seasons while playing his most efficient basketball. At one point the Timberwolves had a playoff spot with Saunders. This development and effort shows why Saunders should be a head coach. For the Pelicans this would be a slightly cheaper option to Kenny Atkinson which would help them get better players.
  3. Tom Thibodeau : I think that Tom Thibodeau is a good fit to replace Alvin Gentry on the Pelicans because of his good player development and playoff experience. Overall out of all the coaches on this list Thibodeau is the most experienced. Being experienced is a benefit to the Pelicans because it shows them what to expect. When Thibeodeau coached for the Bull he made a immediate impact by developing Derrick Rose and the Bulls into a eastern conference power house only second to the Miami Heat in the James, Wade and Bosh era by running a defense system that was intricate and got all players involved. In Thibodeau's tenure in Chicago there was never a season they were under 500 or missed the playoffs. Also in the playoff's the Bulls many times made it to the eastern conference finals only to fall short to the Heat. In the player development column Thibodeau was able to make Derrick Rose into the player he is today by teaching him the ropes to become a all-star caliber point guard. Although Tom Thibodeau seems like a great option for the Pelicans he has made a few mistakes as a coach including overplaying players but the only reason why he is not number one is because the Pelicans would have to make a trade for him or snag him from the Knicks who he recently signed with.

The Pelicans are right now in a very difficult situation as they continue to struggles in the bubble and need some personnel changes to continue to move in the right direction with there rebuild. Thank you to everyone who made it this far in my article and if you want to check out some Pelicans game play go check out this stream below on my channel MitchySports and see you guys in the next one.

<a href=””_blank”>Mitchell Bernstein live streams the Pelicans vs Kings on his SportsCastr channel.

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