Pens vs. Lightning

Kelly Reed February 11, 2020  Comments

As we sit in the middle of Feburary, there is still a lot of hockey left. With the penguins acquiring Jason Zucker for Galchenyuck and prospects, the penguins appear to be going all in. Zucker, a 30 goal scorer two years ago, should be getting more with Crosby. Since Crosby has the ability to make people around him better, Zucker should benefit from this.


Oh yes, the game. For tonights game it will be a battle of two teams fighting for the 1 seed in their divisions. Both teams have been playing good as of late, but the Pens were outlasted by the Lightning in Tampa on Thursday. In my opinion, whoever is in goal ( probably jarry) needs to have a huge game for the Pens to win. The Pens need to be better defensively, because last time these two teams played the Pens got destroyed defensively. Especially against this incredible offense, being defensively dominant is something the Pens must do.


For tonights game, I think it will go into OT and the Pens will come away winners 3-2. I think these two teams are so evenly matched it will come down to 3 v 3. Both these teams have outstanding goalies and great offenses. The three keys for the pens tonight are to, keep it simple, be physical, and Zucker. My reasoning behind my keys are you must keep the basics to be calm in a game like this. You also have to be able to pound your opponents with some hits. Finally, Zucker making some noise is key in his Pens debut.

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