NFL Hall of Fame Chances (Players Under 25 Years Old)

NFL Hall of Fame Chances (Players Under 25 Years Old)

There are some remarkable young talents in the NFL right now and today we will be looking at these great players Hall of Fame chances. I will give each player a percent chance to go to Canton. The young players that we will be looking at today are Patrick Mahomes, Joey Bosa, Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, and Christian McCaffery. All of these players are under 25 years old and they are already dominating the highest level of football in the world.

1. Patrick Mahomes (24 years old, 87% chance) Mahomes is the best player in the NFL at only 24 years old. As we all know, Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl Championship. He is already the highest rated passer of all time. Mahomes has won the 2018 MVP and 2019 Super Bowl MVP. He is also the highest-rated playoff passer in modern NFL history, and he's already led one of the five largest comebacks in playoff history. Mahomes always shows up in the biggest moments. The only thing that can stop him is injury or a sudden fall off. A fall off is very unlikely, but it is the NFL, so anything can happen.

2. Joey Bosa (24 years old, 48% chance) Bosa is already a top defensive lineman in the NFL. He won defensive rookie of the year in 2016 and went to the Pro Bowl in 2017 and 2019. 2018 was a down year for Bosa because of injuries. When he plays, he dominates the game. He was one of five NFL players to record more than 30 quarterback hits to go along with his 11.5 sacks in 2019. He also had 67 tackles and was great against the run. Injury has been a problem early in his career, but if he can overcome that he will go down as a legend.

href=” target=”_blank>Christian Giunta live streams about the best NFL players under 25 years old and their Hall of Fame chances on his SportsCastr channel.

3. Lamar Jackson (23 years old, 44% chance) Lamar Jackson is a top quarterback in the NFL and he is coming off an insane MVP season. He was the 1st player to ever throw 30 TD passes and rush for 1 thousand yards. In total, Jackson had 43 total touchdowns in 2019. The Ravens have had a ton of success in Jackson's starts, they are 19-3 in his 22 career starts at quarterback. Jackson has a high chance to be injured because of how often he uses his legs. Coming off an MVP season, almost no players are as good as they once were. Jackson could just be a one hit wonder, or he can dominate the NFL in years to come.

4. Deshaun Watson (24 years old, 42% chance) Watson showed his greatness in the playoff game against Buffalo this season. He made remarkable plays throughout that game and he led the Texans to the AFC Divisional Round. Watson has 85 total touchdowns in his first 38 games, only Dan Marino had more in his first 38 games. He is a franchise quarterback that has MVP-like talent. Watson has a great chance of winning an MVP in the future. He has been hurt before when he tore his ACL during his rookie year. Watson might fall off without his top receiver Deandre Hopkins, but he can also prove that he can do it without Hopkins.

5. Christian McCaffery (23 years old, 39% chance) McCaffery is the best running back in the game already and he showed that during the 2019 season. He only had 1 fumble on a league high 403 touches. McCaffery is the first player to ever have 1,000 yards rushing and receiving. During his remarkable 2019 season, he led league in yards from scrimmage and touchdowns. Injuries are always an issue with running backs, especially ones that are used as often as McCaffery. With how much he is used, he may not last long in the NFL.

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