My Top 5 Players From Each Position in The NHL

My Top 5 Players From Each Position in The NHL


  1. Connor McDavid. He is simply the best player on a noticably improved Edmonton Oilers. Now you could argue that Draisaitl has had a better season then McDavid and you would be right in that analysis but I consider McDavid as more valuable to his team and he has one of the most versatile skillsets in the NHL and one of the best all around best players on an up and coming Edmonton Oilers and will be a huge part of the Oilers future success when it comes around.
  2. Nathan MacKinnon. Mackinnon, like a lot of other names one this list are center-pieces to their respective teams but it's a different case with Nathan Mackinnon and the Colorado Avalanche. There was a 43 point difference between Nathan Mackinnon and the next closest scorer on the Avs in Cale Makar. There was no bigger point differential between the top two scorers on a team, especially a team that did so well this season and from a team in the playoffs and Mackinnon has carried the Avalanche in abscenses from important players such as Nazem Kadri, Mikko Rantanen, Gabriel Landeskog and others.
  3. Jack Eichel. I know I am going to get criticized for putting Jack Eichel over Leon Draisaitl but let me explain my reasoning. Jack Eichel was the only reason that the otherwise terrible Buffalo Sabres even came close to a playoff birth this season. Buffalo has shown that they don't have the ability to put other talent around Eichel. The addition of Jeff Skinner was a huge one. Jack Eichel has shown that he's worthy of the massive contract he has. I think in order for Eichel to achieve his true potential he'll need to get a one way ticket out of Buffalo. But until then he's going to continue to do the things he's been doing with a struggling Sabres franchise.
  4. Leon Draisaitl. The only reason I have Draisaitl as low as I do is because Draidaitl is the Jaromir Jagr to Connor McDavids Mario Lemieux. In other words, he's McDavids sidekick. Draisaitl has had an incredible season but I think that if you play on the same line as Connor McDavid then your guranteed some success.
  5. Auston Matthews. I'll admit that when Matthews came into the league, I had some concerns about whether or not his talent at the lower levels could translate into the NHL, he quickly proved that I was wrong and since he came into the league he has been a dominant force for a Toronto Maple Leafs team that was struggling the year before he was drafted. And I give credit to the Maple Leafs front office for putting the right pieces around him and putting hin into a place where he could succeed alongside Mitch Marner and John Tavares.

Left Wingers:

  1. David Pastrnak. David Pastrnak finally had his breakout season and boy was it a breakout. In my opinion he is the future center piece to success for the Boston Bruins. He is the best of his position due to the fact that he's been a workhorse for the Boston Bruins and a huge part of what would've been a Boston Bruins Presidents Trophy season. He was tied for the lead for the Rocket Richard award for the most goals in a season. And the thing is, he's 26 years old. He hasn't even hit his prime yet. If he continues to have seasons like this then he'll be enshrined in Toronto at the NHL hall of fame.
  2. Alex Ovechkin. There isn't much you can say about the Great 8 that hasn't been said before. He's the best goal scorer of all time in my opinion. He IS the Washington Capitals. He's had a consistent career over the past 16 years. He won the hearts of Washington Capitals along the way and he will continue to be a cornerstone for the future success of the Washington Capitals.
  3. Artemi Panarin. Panarin made a change in scene this last offseason, deciding to sign a lucrative contract to go to the big apple to play with the New York Rangers. And boy was that a good decision. Of course he is one of the three nominees for the Hart Trophy this season along with Nathan Mackinnon and Leon Draidaitl. And he has been playing at a level he didn't in Columbus, Panarin will continue to be a force for the rangers and championship hype will start in the ensuing years.
  4. Nikita Kucherov. Coming off an amazing regular season and a terrible postseason last year, Kucherov has not skipped a beat in the transition from last season to this season. Kucherov's Lightning did take a step back from a record breaking regular season last season and Kucherov has had an incredible season once more and if Jon Cooper actually makes adjustments to help his team succeed then they can truly help Kucherov thrive in the sunshine state.
  5. Brad Marchand. Marchand has been a pest in the NHL for a very long time. Donning the nickname "the rat" is a very accurate character assesment of Brad Marchand but we're not here to talk about the NHLs best nicknames. Marchand along with being a pest, he is also one of the NHLs premier enforcers. He is one of the leagues best passing wingmen.

Right Wing:

  1. Mark Stone. Mark Stone has been a great scoring forward for yet another Vegas team that had success this season and he will be a huge part of that team going forward. In Ottowa he wasn't in a position to win like he has in Las Vegas. And it helps a lot that the Golden Knights have top 5 forward depth and their speed is only matched by the Colorado Avalanche.
  2. Mitchell Marner. Mitchell is a huge reason that the Maple Leafs have had success this season and if he develops correctly then he will have a long and fruitful career. Of course he will have to share the spotlight with Auston Matthews and John Tavares but hr's still among the best at his position.
  3. Vladimir Tarasenko. Taresenko has been the wing scorer for the blues for as long as I can remember. He works incredibly with fellow linemates and teammates and he was a huge puzzle piece to the Blues Stanley Cup run and he'll have to perform this postseason if the blues are going to repeat this season and win their second stanley cup in the franchises history.
  4. Blake Wheeler. Wheeler is arguably the best player on a somewhat struggling Winnipeg jets team. Him and Mark Schiefele are the best players on this otherwise terrible jets forward core unless your counting Patrick "Mr. Fortnite" Laine.
  5. Mikko Rantanen. Mikko had his breakout season last year and if he didn't get injured this season, I think he would've done better. Of course Mikko Rantanen plays on the best first line in the NHL alongside Nathan MacKinnon and Gabriel Landeskog. Mikko is a versatile scorer and people call him moose becaude of his massive figure for a hockey player and if the moose goes on rampage this postseason, the Avs will have incredible success.


  1. Jon Carlson. Carlson was the leader in scoring from defensemen this season. He was the defensive staple on a terrific Washington Capitals team. Of course the Capitals were one of the best defensive teams this season and theres no doubt that Jon Carlson was a big part of the Caps success
  2. Viktor Headman. He was the best defenseman on a Tampa Bay team that has a lot of big names at defense. He is one of the biggest players on that team and a huge part and role player to that team.
  3. Alex Pietrangelo. He has been a dominant force for St. louis this season, he is an incredible leader and has been proven to be a clutch player and a player that can rip shots from the blue line. Pietrangelo has been an awesome player and will continue to be one of the most consistent players in the NHL.
  4. Torey Krug. Krug has carried the Bruins defense this season being one of the best scoring defensemen in all of the NHL and a huge part to why the Bruins are one of the toughest teams and one of the best scoring defensive teams in the NHL.
  5. Cale Makar. Makar is one of the best defensive scorers at the age if 20 years old. That means he hasn't even hit his prime yet, Makar is one of the fastest players and if he develops his game to become a physical player on defense then the Avs will be great on defense for years to come.


  1. Tuuka Rask. The Bruins have a wall at goaltender. It's name is Tuuka Rask. He has been the Bruins number one goalie for the better part of the decade. Of course Tuuka averaged a goals against average of 2.31. That was the best in the NHL. Rask will need to perform in order for the Bruins to get one more stanley cup.
  2. Andrei Vasilevsky. He looked like the best goalie in Lightning history last year. In the post season he looked like a goalie straight out of the pee-wee leagues. This season he has won the most games of any goalie this season. He is a versatile goalie. He will need to win more then one game this postseason to have hope at winning the cup this year.
  3. Sergei Bobrovsky. Sergei made a change and left Columbus to go play for the other team in the sunshine state on a lucrative deal that would keep him in town for 7 years. Bobrovsky is one of the leagues most proven Goaltenders and thats a fact. He was a brick wall against tampa bay in last years playoff series and will need to do more of the same except this time in the red and gold.
  4. Connor Hellebuyck. Connor will go down as the goalie to shut down the Nashville Predators in prime form. He was a rookie when that happened. I compare him to the great Patrick Roy. If he continues his performance for the rest of his career, those comparisons will be justified.
  5. Pavel Francouz. Francouz was a great reliever for the german net protecter Philip Grubauer, but now the avalanche will be considering him as less of a reliever and more of a starter for this young Avalanche team with a bolstering 21-7-4 this season in the abscence of Philip Grubauer.
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