Mia Rauth Shines At AGC Women's Artistic Gymnastics Competition

Mia Rauth Shines At AGC Women's Artistic Gymnastics Competition

Ray Rauth January 30, 2020  Comments

It may have been Mia Rauth's first competitive competition of her young career, but you never would have guessed it after she walked away with four medals at the Alliston Gymnastics Club Women's Artistic Gymnastics Competition on Thursday.

Town of New Tecumseth Recreation Center had a full crowd watching Thursdays competition, and Shenderey Gymnastics Mia Rauth was able to block out the crowd noise and put on a performance that couldn't go ignored and forced her father to write about it.

Rauth admitted that she was nervous heading into the competition and there were fears that it would affect her performance, but she managed to put those nerves a side and had a very solid outing. Rauth came flying out of the gates with a brilliant bar routine that ended with a score of 9.35 and a gold medal.

Mia Rauth showing off her impressive collections of medals 

Unfortunately Rauth had a bit of a misstep in her second event when she slipped off the beam. Usually a mistake of that magnitude would knock somebody out of medal contention. But, after jumping back up on the beam and delivering an almost flawless routine the rest of the way through, Rauth was able to still secure a bronze medal with a judge's score of 9.175

Rauth's time to shine came during her floor routine. A mix of elegance and an athleticism  Rauth impressed the crowd and the judges. A score of 9.6 secured Rauth her second gold and third medal of the competition.

Rauth has had better days on the vault and it's certainly an area that needs the most improvement. Though her intensity and focus were evident, she scored 9.2 after two attempts leaving her in fifth place for the vault event. It was the only event that Rauth didn't medal.

After standing on the podium three of four events that was enough for Rauth to go home with silver medal for the overall score of the competition. But, the accolades didn't stop there. Thanks to Rauth and her teammates performance on Thursday, Shenderey won the team award for the competition.

The athletes who competed today are too young for the Olympics, but this is where it starts, and all the competitors put on a great show for a very enthusiastic crowd.

"I don't understand gymnastics, I'm learning, but I still have a long way to go. What I do know is, I watched my daughter own the podium today and the smile on her face with a neck full of medals, - I am one proud father - Ray Rauth"
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