Madden 21 RB Ratings Are Out!

Madden 21 RB Ratings Are Out!

Isaac Edelman July 14, 2020  Comments

Another copy of Madden means new players and new ratings. Check out the RB ratings for Madden 21, the newest and latest Madden for the 2020-2021 season!

RB Ratings

  1. Christian McCaffrey: 99

No surprise here! The best running back in the league definitely deserved to be part of the 99 overall club. McCaffrey is the only running back to be apart of the 99 overall club this year. McCaffrey who is the highest paid running back, is coming off a tremendous season where he recorded an outstanding 1,000 plus rushing and 1,000 plus receiving yards. McCaffrey is now the youngest player ever to reach a 99 overall in Madden 20. He's the complete dual threat running back as he's a dominant pass catcher out of the backfield while also being a force as a runner. His versatility is what helps improve his overall rating into a 99. McCaffrey finishes with 92 speed, 98 carrying, and a 96 juke move rating!

2. Derrick Henry: 93

There is not much to complain about Henry being a 93 overall. The leading rusher in the NFL last year, played a big part in the Titans success. This is a well deserved rating for Henry.

3. Nick Chubb: 92

Nick Chubb is one of the fastest running backs in the NFL. He is also a Top 5 running back so a 92 overall makes complete sense.

4. Ezekiel Elliot: 92

5. Dalvin Cook: 91

6. Saquon Barkley: 91

This is the rating/overall that many Madden fans would like to be higher. Barkley who is the second best running back in the NFL on many people's lists, is tied for the 5th best running back rating. This year, Barkley has a dangerous combination of speed, jumping and juking. Barkley now has a speed of 92, a 94 jumping rating, and a 84 juke rating.

7. Aaron Jones: 90

8. Joe Mixon: 89

9. Josh Jacobs: 88

10. Alvin Kamara: 88

Rookie RB Ratings!

  1. J.K Dobbins-75

The new Raven is now the highest rookie running back in Madden 21. Coming in at a 75 overall, Dobbins will be on an offense with Lamar Jackson and fellow running back Mark Ingram.

2. Clyde Edwards Helaire-74

Helaire who was the first running back drafted, will be on an offense with 99 club member, Patrick Mahomes. There is nothing to complain about any of the rookie running back ratings.

3. D'Andre Swift-74

4. Jonathan Taylor-73

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RB Speed Ratings

  1. Raheem Mostert- 95
  2. Matt Breida- 95
  3. Phillip Lindsay- 93
  4. Jonathon Taylor- 93
  5. Tonny Pollard- 93
  6. T.J Logan
  7. Ronald Jones II
  8. Khalfani Muhammad
  9. Nyheim Hines
  10. Nick Chubb

RB Break Tackle Ratings

  1. Nick Chubb- 97
  2. Josh Jacobs- 94
  3. Derrick Henry- 93
  4. Chris Carson- 92
  5. Saquon Barkley- 91
  6. Alvin Kamara- 90
  7. Kareem Hunt- 89
  8. Mark Ingram II- 89
  9. Joe Mixon- 88
  10. Dalvin Cook- 88

RB Juke Ratings

  1. Christian McCaffrey- 96
  2. Saquon Barkley- 94
  3. Dalvin Cook- 93
  4. Duke Johnson Jr.- 93
  5. Aaron Jones- 92
  6. Kareem Hunt- 92
  7. Mark Ingram II- 92
  8. Ronald Jones II- 91
  9. Le'Veon Bell- 91
  10. Ezekiel Elliott- 91
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