LeBron Management

LeBron Management

Alex Hollingsworth February 27, 2020  Comments

LeBron James will sit out against the Golden State Warriors tonight. The Lakers announced he's sitting out of the game due to a sore left groin.

Some fans have called for the Lakers to rest Lebron this season as load management has become more popoluar around the NBA but LeBron has played in 54 of the 56 games. It's worth noting that he is playing the lowest minutes since his rookie season at 34.9 per game.

Alex live streams about the Los Angeles Lakers on his SportsCastr channel.

LeBron has remained at the top of his game leading the Lakers to a western conference best 44-12 record and the NBA in assist at 10.6.

The Lakers have 26 games remaining in the regular season. Of their final 8 games only 2 are agianst current playoff teams.

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