Lakers Best In NBA

Lakers Best In NBA

All eyes were on the Los Angeles Lakers this weekend. Highly anticpiated match ups with the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers did not dissapoint.

The Lakers defeated the Bucks 113-103 Friday night and the Clippers 112-103. Prior to that the Lakers were 0-3 on the season against those 2 teams. I mentioned on the Laker Central Podcast that Lebron James would need to get to the free throw line more if we were to win these games. He must have been listening.

In the Lakers' three losses to the Bucks and Clippers Lebron only attempted 10 total free throws. LeBron is averaging a career low 5.7 free throws per game this season. He's not getting the calls he did in years past but I said on the podcast he still needs to be agressive. In the 2 wins he shot 29 total free throws. His abilty to get into the paint and force the defense to make a decsion is critcal.

After the Lakers defeated the Bucks and Clippers, Alex shares what he saw in those games. The Laker Central Podcast live streams about the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, and the NBA.

Anthony Davis was fantastic as well scoring 30 points in both wins. He played more minutes at center which allowed the lakers to spread the floor for LeBron to operate.

The Lakers now have 20 wins against plus 500 competetion which is tops in the NBA. After the Bucks dropped a game to the Denver Nuggets on Monday night the Lakers are just 1 game back of the Bucks for best record. Things are about to get real interesting.

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