July Sports Preview

July Sports Preview

Kelly Reed July 04, 2020  Comments

Normally, July marks a time in sports when baseball is two months through, an NBA finals champion has been crowned, and the Stanley Cup has been hoisted. The green jacket has been awarded and the NFL moves into the final stages of its offseason, but this is not a normal July. In the midst of a global pandemic nothing has been normal, but maybe in the month of July we will get our sports back. This article is a breakdown of what to expect from the sports world in July.


After missing the first two months of the season, the MLB will finally be coming back. After a long bout between the players union, league owners, and executives you can finally expect to have baseball back. The MLB's new format will consist of 60 games, with the season set to begin on July 23, or 24. The MLB has also decided to enforce a universal DH, rather than the NL having a hitting pitcher and AL a DH.                                                                                                                           What to watch in July:                                                                                               Opening Day- July 23 or 24, not official yet                                                          


The NFL as of the date of writing this article is still set to begin on time with no changes to the schedule. As July goes along this is subject to change. With the possibility of a second Coronavirus wave hitting the U.S., you can expect to see announcements about changes of dates throughout July concerning workouts and NFL mini camps. To protect player safety the NFL may have to enforce no workout policies and this could effect the preparedness of players. While no games are set to be played in July on the NFL's side there is definitely lots happening in the league during July.                                                                                                         What to watch in July:                                                                                                  -Free agency updates - some top players still unsigned                                                  -Changes to important dates (minicamps, OTA's, NFL season start, etc.)

Calvin and I went more into depth about NFL free agency possibilities in July during our SportsCastr stream.

Calvin K and ChrisB present a July Sports Preview live on SportsCastr


The NBA is back unlike ever before! After a long wait the season is finally set to resume, but in a format we have never seen before. The NBA restart will skip the rest of the regular season leaving twenty-two teams to battle it our for spots in the traditional sixteen team NBA playoff bracket. There will be thirteen teams from the Western conference and nine from the Eastern.                                                         What to watch in July:                                                                                                      -NBA restart opener - July 30


Similar to the NBA the NHL has created a totally new format consisting of twenty-four teams competing for the Stanley cup. The top four seeds from each the Eastern and Western conferences will compete in a round robin for seeding. The remaining eight teams from each conference will then compete in a qualifying round to determine the final four teams to compete alongside the top four for each conference.                                                                                                                                 What to watch in July:                                                                                                  -Restart opening date - not known yet, most likely announced by the middle of July                                                                                                                                              NHL restart? - One hopes we'll see at least some hockey in July

If you would like to find out what Calvin is most excited for in July as well as dates I have marked on my calendar alongside golf dates and news for July you can check out our show as well as our channel (linked above) for all your sports needs.                                                                                                                                                                      

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