Half Season Overview of the Mets

Half Season Overview of the Mets

Kelly Reed August 25, 2020  Comments

With the 2020 season around half way done, I thought I would look at the Mets season so far and what they look like as a team. I have divided this into two categories: the positive things I have seen and the negative things I have seen.

The Positives:

So far we have seen promise mainly from two Mets rookies, namely David Peterson and Andres Gimenez. Both have been performing well, with David Peterson adding talent and solid pitching to the Mets’  weakened starting rotation and Gimenez giving defensive and offensive support at shortstop. In addition to some good, young talent, there's some older talent as well with Jacob deGrom looking like he’s going to potentially have another Cy Young year as the Mets’ Ace. Similarly, Michael Conforto has been very solid at the plate and has really improved his average compared to where it has been in the past. Dominic Smith has been very good as well, hitting six home runs and having an OPS of over 1. To round it out,  Tomas Nido and Luis Guillorme have performed very well off the bench, both hitting over 300 while being predominantly defensive players.

The Negatives:

The Mets main problem offensively is batting with runners in scoring position. They have struggled consistently in games with runners in scoring position, which has led to them not scoring nearly as many runs as they should with the depth on their offense. It has ultimately resulted in them allowing for opposing teams to stay in games. Another problem that I have seen is the lack of depth in their pitching. They only have two good starters (one of which is injured) and two main people in the bullpen, and this leads to them struggling defensively late in games as well as early. Combined  with the Mets offense struggling with runners in scoring position, this can lead to them blowing games or not putting up enough runs for their pitchers. These problems lead to a big inconsistency of runs put for and runs against the Mets with them having excellent run support one day when their offense is not struggling and getting shut out the next. Along with that, it’s the same for the pitching. Some days the pitching is lights out, and the next it is giving up runs left and right.


In conclusion, the Mets have some players doing very well but have many things to work out on offense and defense for them to be successful moving forward, and they don't have much time to do it. The thing is, with the expanded playoffs, if the Mets can figure out a few kinks and hit more with runners in scoring position, I feel like they will be looking very solid for making the playoffs.

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