Brooklyn Nets:  Win on the Road!

Brooklyn Nets: Win on the Road!

Kelly Reed February 11, 2020  Comments

The Nets had not one a game on the road against a win ing team this season- that changed on Monday night.

After leading through much of the first half, Brooklyn found themselves trailing late in Indiana. Following a drving layup by Joe Harris, who missed the put back rebound at the buzzer vs Toronto over the weekend, the Nets needed a stop.

DeAndre Jordan grabbed is 19 rebound and pushed the break through Spencer Dinwiddie. 26 pushed the pace, used a Joe Harris screen at the top of the arc and fed the sharp shorter bleeding out to the left for spot up 3(Dinwiddie's 11 assist) that gave Brooklyn the lead.

Sabonis quickly gave the Pacer the lead back, with 9.8 seconds remaining.

Spencer Dinwiddie, who had forced his way to the line 5 times in the 4th quarter alone(13-15 FT overall) worked the inbounds, and dribbled Brogdon back down into the lane.

A jab step and pull up later... Bang! 106-105 Brooklyn lead woth 3.8 remaining. One last defensvie sequence sealed the deal, giving Brooklyn a hard fought victory on the road.

Adam Armbrecht                            Next up: Home v Toronto

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