Bombshell: Messi Tells Barcelona He Wants Out

Bombshell: Messi Tells Barcelona He Wants Out

Ray Rauth August 25, 2020  Comments

In North America it was a bombshell when Tom Brady informed the New England Patriots that he was leaving the franchise, frankly it rocked the United States. The story that broke about an hour ago that Lionel Messi has informed Barcelona will be felt around the world.

According to reports Barcelona has confirmed that Messi’s representation has informed them that he no longer wants to continue playing for the club he’s been with since 2001 when he was only fourteen-years-old. Here is the bit that makes things even more interesting. Reports are saying that Messi has an out clause in his contract, and if these reports are true, then Messi could leave the club for free, and Barcelona would get nothing in return.

This news comes just a couple weeks after Barcelona were embarrassed in the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League, losing 8-2 to eventual champions Bayern Munich.

It would seem very strange to see a Barcelona side without Messi, but it’s even stranger to wonder how this relationship has deteriorated so badly. How and where Messi ends up is still a mystery. Over the past few weeks he has been linked to the Italian side AC Milian, but there are also rumors that he could make way to the EPL to play with either Manchester United, or re-join his former Barce boss Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. The question really comes down to, who can afford to pay for him, and how does he get out of his Barce contract. It’s a very true possibility at the moment that a move would be much less about money, and much more about winning.  

Barcelona are a rebuilding their franchise, but a move like this, in this fashion, is devastating and damaging for Barce, and some believe could change how the club looks at Messi, a player who is one of the, if not the most prolific players to ever take the pitch.

This is still a developing story, and will be very interesting to follow in coming days and weeks.

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