Who would you rather have as a quarterback: Joe Flacco or Jarrett Stidham?
Joe Flacco is a former Superbowl MVP. He has experience in the NFL, playing in the AFC north almost all of his career. Flacco is
Is Isaiah Zuber the Steal of the 2020 draft class?

Sportstalkline.com had Zuber as a 3rd round draft pick. While they said he needs to work on his route running and has a slow accelerator, they gave him some praise with his upside.

Can Stidham become the next franchise quarterback or will someone else step up in 2020?

The Patriots had the entire offseason both before, during, and after the draft to bring in a Big Name, High priced contract player. Instead the Patriots decided that their 2019 4th round draft pick

Eli believes Brady will have tough time adjusting in Tampa Bay

The COVID lockdown has been a problem for a lot of teams, but for a guy like Brady it's even worse.

Steelers Anthony McFarland is better than Le'Veon Bell?

Reggie Bush thinks Steelers rookie Anthony McFarland could be better than Le'Veon Bell

Packers' better hope they made the right decision with Jordan Love

Green Bay is only going to come out of this thing one of two ways. They are either going to look like geniuses, or they are going to look like morons for wasting a prime opportunity to return to a Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers.

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