Are the Denver Broncos a playoff team?

Are the Denver Broncos a playoff team?

Ray Rauth April 28, 2020  Comments

The Denver Broncos have been trending in the right direction the last couple of seasons, and it's fair to say that the Broncos general manager John Elway arguably won the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Broncos went into Draft weekend already sporting a pretty solid defensive roster, and it was clear to almost everybody that Elway's priority had to be building the offense and finding legitimate weapons for second-year quarterback Drew Lock.

Elway didn't hesitate selecting wide receiver Jerry Jeudy with the Broncos first round draft pick. Jeudy has widely been seen as the most complete receiver in this year's draft class, and even though some believed that CeedDee Lamb was the better option for the Broncos, Elway couldn't go wrong either which way he picked.

Elway would add KJ Hamler, a do-it-all receiver out of Penn State, and then the Broncos added tight end Albert Okwuegbunam to line up the opposite side of the Broncos 2019 first round pick Noah Fant. Okwuegbunam and Lock played together at Missouri.

The Broncos added some depth pieces and another solid cornerback to the mix, and it appears like Denver did everything right over the weekend, and it shouldn't surprise anybody if they are playing in the postseason in 2020.

In the video below Ray Rauth from DPN Sports Talk - Live on SportsCastr, discusses the Broncos draft in great detail, deep dives into first round pick Jerry Jeudy, and gives his best guess where the Broncos will land this year - playing in the best division in the NFL that includes the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Watch Ray Rauth from DPN Sports Talk on SportsCastr. Get the most up to date coverage on all the latest news, rumors, and opinions around the NFL. We have you covered through the offseason, free agency, NFL Draft, Training Camp, Regular Season, NFL Postseason, AFC & NFC Championship Games, and the Super Bowl.
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