AL + NL West Predictions + MVP

AL + NL West Predictions + MVP

Quinn Riley July 23, 2020  Comments


Athletics 38-22

The Athletics will win this division solely because of the depth they have in all spots. They have a fantastic bullpen, full of depth, and full of skill. They have an above average rotation, that works because of the depth. They have a really underrated team with some incredibly underrated players including Mark Canha. This team defeats the Astros by one game because of their depth. This will be the Athletics's year. Some guys that are underrated will step up big and lead this team to the ALCS, but lose to the Twins.

Astros 37-23

This team is a great team. The problem is, they're just not as good as the Athletics, so they fall to the Wild Card game against the Rays. With Cole leaving the rotation an aging Greinke and an aging Verlander just won't be enough. They have some great assets in the pitching staff, but they don't have nearly the depth and bullpen the Athletics do. The Astros might have a slightly better overall lineup, but in general they are not as good as the Athletics.

Angels 31-29

The Boston Red Sox had a top 5 offense in the MLB last year, arguably the best, but they won 84 games. The Angels with the addition of Rendon still is not enough. They don't have enough pitching, with Andrew Heaney being their ace. They have a well rounded lineup and one that will score plenty of runs, but at the same time they have a pitching staff that will give up plenty of runs.

Rangers 25-35

Kluber is a great addition in all, but they just don't have enough talent on this team. Leclerc will continue to lead the pen, but again, their is just not enough to this team. Now don't be surprised if in fact this team comes out of the gates hot, but even Kluber might not be the 2018 Kluber he was. He played in 7 games last year for the Indians where he went 2-3 with a 5.80 ERA, so who knows how he'll come back from an injury. This team has some depth, but overall not enough pure talent.

Mariners 20-40

In 2018, the Mariners came close to the playoffs winning 89 games, but in 2019, instead of adding on and trying to compete, they took the rebuilding route instead, and won 64 games. This year won't be much different, as they are now sort of considered one of the "awful teams" in the league. Without any real talent besides Haniger and Vogelbach, and with us having no clue how Kikuchi is going to play this year, they win only 20 games.


Dodgers 42-18

This one should be pretty obvious. With the addition of Mookie Betts, this team is absolutely loaded with talent. Beuhler should win a Cy Young, and Kershaw should continue to be that veteran presence in the rotation that still has plenty of talent and years left in the tank. This team loses in the NLDS as they will choke again.

Diamondbacks 34-26

This team just missed the playoffs last year but had some great and breakout players such as Eduardo Escobar, Ketel Marte, and plenty more. Zac Gallen should have a great year this year and the addition of Bumgarner will be a great one. If the talent that stepped up last year can step up, and Bumgarner can step up, this team wins 34 games and makes the wild card as a number two seed, but loses to the Cardinals in a pitchers duel between Flaherty and Bumgarner.

Padres 33-27

Oh so close this team came to getting Mookie Betts. This team could really be good this year and I could be underrating them. Eric Hosmer, Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis Jr., Chris Padack, the list goes on and on, and with the best closer in the game this team could be really good this year. Unfortunately, they will miss the playoffs by one game to the D-Backs.

Rockies 22-38

Amazing offensive talent with little to no depth in it and absolutely zero pitching whatsoever. They have talent in Story and Arenado, the best 3B and SS duo in the league, but that's it besides a few more players.

Giants 20-40

The Giants got hot last year but they weren't good enough to keep the fire going. This year, without MadBum, they really are not going anywhere.


AL - Mike Trout (duh)

NL - Ronald Acuna Jr.

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