Top 5 Eagles Games Since 2017

In the 2017-2018 NFL regular season, the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl starting a great run for the franchise. That started a 3 year run that included 4 playoff wins, a Super Bowl win, and 3 straight playoff appearances. Playoff loses to the Saints and Seahawks were brutal, but playoff wins against the Bears, Falcons, Vikings, and Patriots induced pure joy. There have been some great games throughout those 3 years and today I will be going over my 5 favorite Eagles games since 2017.

5. Eagles vs. Rams 12/10/17 Week 14 This game was awesome and terrible for Eagles fans at the same time. While it was the best and most important win of the season, Carson Wentz tore his ACL ending the best season of his career. The Eagles won 43-35 in Los Angeles and finished the game with a Brandon Graham touchdown. Wentz was spectacular and broke the record for most passing touchdown in a season for the Eagles. Wentz had 4 touchdown passes without his top target Zach Ertz. Nick Foles came in late and led the Eagles to a victory. The Eagles were down when Foles came into the game, but they came back and won it.

4. Texans vs. Eagles 12/23/18 Week 16 This week 16 matchup was everything for Philadelphia. If they lost the game, they were out of the playoffs and if they won, they stayed alive in the playoff race. It was Nick Foles who led the great Eagles offense to 32 points and a win. The Eagles won 32-30 on a game-winning field goal by Jake Elliott. The Eagles had a 2 score lead in the 4th quarter and the Texans came back to take a one point lead with only minutes left in the game. Foles led the Eagles down the field and Elliot nailed the game-winner as time expired to keep the Eagles season alive.

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3. Colts vs. Eagles 9/23/18 Week 3 This game between the 1-1 teams was a great one that came down to the last play. It was Wentz's 1st game back since tearing his ACL a little over 9 months ago. In his first drive back for the Eagles, he marched down the field and capped the drive off with a touchdown pass to Dallas Goedert, it was Goedert's 1st career touchdown. It was the first and only time I have been to an Eagles game. The Colts were down by 4 with under 2 minutes left and had a 4th down and goal. The Eagles made the stop and won the game.

2. Cowboys vs. Eagles 12/22/19 Week 16 The last Cowboys vs. Eagles matchup was a great game. The Eagles won 17-9 over the Cowboys in a game that decided the NFC East. Carson Wentz proved that he was a better quarterback than Dak Prescott. Wentz and the Eagles outplayed the Cowboys all game, but it still came down to the very end. On 4th down and 8 with the game on the line, Prescott took a shot to the endzone. Michael Gallup and Sidney Jones had a 50-50 ball, Jones batted the ball away and the Eagles won the game.

1. 2017-2018 Playoff Run Falcons vs. Eagles in the 2018 Divisional Round was a classic. It was close all game long and Foles led the Eagles down the field to give them a 5 point lead. With only a few minutes to go Matt Ryan led his team down the field. It came down to one final play, Ryan threw it to Julio Jones and the pass was incomplete. Vikings vs. Eagles in the 2018 Conference Championship was a blowout. Nick Foles led the Eagles to a blowout win over the Vikings and the Eagles moved onto the Super Bowl. Patriots vs. Eagles Super Bowl was one of the best of all time. Brady and Foles went back and forth all game. Brandon Graham forced a fumble with only 2 minutes left and Jake Elliott gave the Eagles an 8 point lead with little time remaining. The Patriots could not pull off the miracle and the Eagles won their 1st Super Bowl.

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