Recap of the 2020 Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest

Recap of the 2020 Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest

Isaac Edelman July 04, 2020  Comments

When you think of the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest, one name comes to mind. That one name is JOEY CHESTNUT. Here are the results to the exciting hot dog eating competition that took place in an indoor arena for the first time ever.

Men's Competition

Pure Dominance! The great Joey Chestnut kept his eye on the bun the whole time as he won his 13th Nathans Hot Dog Contest(9th Consecutive). Joey Chestnut ended up with 75 hot dogs eaten, which is the new world record! The previous record was also set by Chestnut in 2018, in which he ate 74 hot dogs. Chestnut completely dominated as he won by 33. The last time Chestnut lost was in 2015 when Matt Stonie won. This year, Stonie couldn't compete because of traveling restrictions. Even if Stonie competed, Chestnut would have still won.

Top 3 (Mens)

  1. Joey Chestnut- 75
  2. Darron Breeden- 42
  3. Nick Wehry- 36 1/2

Joey Chestnut continues his success at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition, but can he beat his own record again? Chestnut still has many years in him and many more wins to come as he is at the young age of 36.

Women's Competition

Miki Sudo who was the favorite heading into the contest, won the Mustard yellow Belt for the 7th time in her career(7th consecutive)! Like Chestnut, Sudo broke the women's record after eating 48 1/2 hot dogs in 10 minutes. This beat the previous record of 45 hot dogs, which was made by Sonya Thomas in 2013. With her 7th title, Sudo passed Takeru Kobayashi on the all-time list who won 6 contests, placing her second on the list to only Chestnut.

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Like many sports and activities, Covid-19 played an effect on the 2020 Nathans Hot Dog Contest, but did not change the annual date of July 4! Here were the changes to the contest due to the coronavirus-

  • 5 Participants in both the men's and women's competition instead of the traditional 15 in each
  • No Fans
  • Took place in an indoor arena
  • Air condidtioning instead of the usual outside air
  • Competitors are 6 feet apart and have plexiglass in between

In all, Chestnut and Sudo dominated like expected. Even though the contest wasn't close, it was still exciting to see if Chestnut and Sudo would beat the all time records in which they ended up doing!

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